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We’ve put some of the most common terms you are likely to come across as you get to work on a construction project.

  1. Aggregate: A particulate material which is made up of crushed stone of a certain size range.
  2. Backfilling: Refilling trenches or holes which are created during excavation, especially around foundations is known as backfilling
  3. Beam: Beams support the structure horizontally along the main walls of a building at ceiling level.
  4. BIM: The process of creating a computer model of a building that includes all of the basic as well as the smallest measurement details of that structure is called Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  5. BOQ: In order to properly price a project a bill of quantities is required as a contract document that contains a list of materials and workmanship involved in that particular construction project.
  6. CAD: CAD (Computer-Aided Design) refers to using software to create detailed models of buildings to speed up the architectural design process which allows more creativity, accuracy in the design
  7.  Dimension:  A measurement between two points in a construction is referred to as dimension.
  8. I- Beam- A beam that looks like the capital letter I and has a cross-is called an I-beam
  9. Plywood: A wood panel that is made from multiple layers of veneer, compressed together is known as Plywood
  10.  PVC: Short for polyvinyl chloride is the most commonly used plastic for water pipes and sometimes for flooring as well.
  11. Reinforced concrete: Concrete that is strengthened in terms of tensile strength by adding steel bars or mesh within the concrete to support the structure are called RCC