When it comes to construction, it can be seen that the amount of concrete that is consumed is quite huge and the sand plays an important role in determining the durability of this concrete. Concrete is basically a mixture that is commonly made up of sand, cement and water. There are various other things as well like glass, stones, gravels, etc that can be used but nothing is as good as sand. Cement is used for its hardening effects and sand for the durability that it provides. In the past few years, the river sand is being replaced by the manufactured sand due to many reasons. The only reliable replacement is the mSand and therefore mSand manufacturers in India have constantly increased. Technically the manufactured sand is much better and durable from the river sand and this can be easily proved. Be it the size of the sand particles or simply its purity, there is nothing that can bring the river sand or any other replacement even close to this.

There are many parameters that can be used to describe the durability of the concrete like its life, resistance towards chemical action, weather conditions and timely deterioration. The manufactured sand and the cement are mixed in appropriate proportions to make concrete. Since the particles of mSand are evenly shaped and are of the same size and fine in nature, the amount of void in the concrete is reduced making it even more durable without having to rely on the excessive cement for durability and hardening.

Not only will the special kind of concrete sand reduce the quantity of cement to be used but will also prevent the environmental damage that was otherwise caused by continuous use of river sand and land erosion. There is nothing that is as good as the manufactured sand for concrete due to its benefits and the affordable plastering sand prices as well. The optimum use and the right proportions of artificial sand used to make concrete will only improve the durability and life of the concrete thus helping the ones involved in commercial construction to the maximum possible level.

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