Sad Santa

Contractor: Hey Santa, it is your time of the year and you don’t seem happy as always!

Santa: I am just upset. The environment looks all ruined and damaged, what have you guys done to build concrete forests?

Contractor: We didn’t have other options Santa, or did we?

Santa: Of course you did! Are you even aware of the artificial sand?

Contractor: Umm yea, but is it good for commercial construction?

Santa: Yes it is! Much better than your river sand and doesn’t even ruin the nature.

Contractor: This idea is a great gift and now I should propose its adaption in my projects. I hope the next year things would look better.

Santa: They sure will! That’s how the Christmas becomes merry!

Contractor: Merry Christmas Santa J

Happy Santa

Santa: Merry Christmas Mr. Contractor.

Contractor: Thank you Santa. Can I ask for a gift?

Santa: Yes tell me what you need.

Contractor: All my construction projects are stalled due to the scarcity of sand. I need a gift that solves this problem.

Santa: That’s easy, why don’t you start using the manufactured sand which is produced in bulk and doesn’t even destroy the nature.

Contractor: That’s great Santa, thank you for such a wonderful Christmas gift. Merry Christmas.

Smart Civil Contractor

Santa: Merry Christmas

Santa: Merry Christmas my dear, don’t want to take a look at the gifts I got for you!

Contractor: Not really Santa, I am tired of those pens and mugs and tees that say I am a Civil Contractor.

Santa: Well I have got something different for you. Here are the contact details of one of the best msand manufacturing companies in Bangalore.

Contractor: How is it this going to help me?

Santa: They manufacture artificial sand, which is very good in quality and cheaper than the river sand. Didn’t you think about the ideas to reduce the construction costs? This is how it can be done.

Contractor: Wow, thank you Santa, this is the best gift and best Christmas ever.

Santa: Hey dear, this Christmas, you get the choice to ask for your gift or wish and I will get that for you.

Contractor: Apparently, I am looking for a solution Santa, can you help?

Santa: Yes, go on with your problem and I’ll solve it.

Contractor: The consumption of cement in all the construction projects is increasing a lot and making the projects very expensive. I don’t understand what to do?

Santa: It’s a small problem with a simple solution. Why don’t you stop using the sand that is full of voids.

Contractor: That’s not possible Santa, it is the most important component of the construction industry. There’s no alternative to sand.

Santa: There is, known as River sand.

Contractor: Oh yes! Thanks Santa, I never thought the solution was so simple!

Santa: you are always welcome! Merry Christmas.

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