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Manufactured Sand (M Sand)in Concrete Constructions As A Replacement To River Sand

It is clear from the definition for manufactured sand that it was never acceptable for quarries to produce crusher dust that results from the fine screenings of all quarry crushing and call this material manufactured sand.


Nowadays, Vastu-Shastra is more popular, many people consult Vastu while constructing a home. As per Vastu-Shastra, the building material must be free from traces of the human or animal bodies. The river sand contains bones of human beings and animals. The shells are also a kind of bone. It is not easy to take out all such things present in the river sand. Hence, the best solution for this is to use manufactured sand of good quality for human well being.


  • All the sand particles should have higher crushing strength.

  • The surface texture of the particles should be smooth.
  • The edges of the particles should be grounded.
  • There should not be any organic impurities
  • Silt in the sand should not be more than 8%, for crushed sand.
  • In manufactured sand the permissible limit of fines below 150 microns shall not exceed 15%.


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