M Sand Rate in Bangalore

M sand a very popular word in the construction industry these days due to its consistent quality, standard shape, and size making it suitable for use. M sand is easily available at cheaper rates in comparison to river sand in the market. Plastering sand, commonly known as P sand is a type of M sand.

The basic difference between M sand and P sand is the grain size. Since we have already established that P sand is a type of M Sand and the basic difference between the two, Let’s discuss the other differences between the two, like uses M Sand in general, is referred to the sand used in concrete for RCC, RMC, beams, and columns, etc. On the contrary P Sand is used for finishing and tiling purposes to make the outer surface smooth.

The size of M Sand ranges from 0 to 4.75mm based on the standard given by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) adhering to IS 383 zone II. P Sand size is 0 to 2.36mm based on the standard given by BIS adhering to IS 1542.

M Sand in the market is available at different prices depending upon the quality of the product. Some manufacturers process it further to remove finer particles that two processes either by air classification or by washing it. P Sand is usually washed before it goes to the market to remove finer particles making the passing percentage of 150 microns and below to range between 0 to 15%.

To conclude these are the basic changes between M Sand and Plastering Sand available in the market. StonaSand is one the leading Manufacturers in Southern Karnataka making M Sand & P Sand at BIS standards and selling it at a reasonable price.[/column]

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