Love nature, water and greenery around you! Ever thought those tall and fancy buildings can be built without ruining the nature and eroding the lands! Switch to options like manufactured sand from the traditional river sand and do your bit to protect the nature.

Thousands of animals die every day coz we destroy their habitat for all sorts of construction. So do we stop construction and development for its sake? No, we simply start asking the developers to use the nature-friendly options like artificial plastering sand.

Barren lands or lush green forests? The choice is in your hands. Let sand and soil be there on the river beds. And for your construction needs! Well the option of artificial sand is quite affordable and reliable. 

Effect of sand mining – River beds

Skipped a beat right? This is what happens when you choose the illegal river sand and ruin their homes. Make a smart and eco-friendly choice and promote the use of M-Sand in Bangalore.

Sand mining could drastically affect the ecological balance of the Mother Earth


Heard names like mining mafia and illegal sand mining? They earn big money by illegal activities but you can’t do anything about it, or can you? Maybe yes, by bringing into use the manufactured concrete sand instead of the traditional options.

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