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In spite of all the awareness campaigns and legal declarations being made, there is a large group of people still unaware about not using the river sand and considering the option of manufactured sand instead as its replacement. Since the ban has already been put on river sand and its usage for commercial as well as domestic constructions, it is the responsibility of everyone who is involved to work in such a direction that the mSand is popularized. At the initial level, this can be done by making those people aware about it who play a major role in the construction industry. For instance, the small contractors and suppliers can play a major role in explaining the damage that is being done to nature and thus make sure that the artificial sand is brought into use. Also with the positive reviews and affluence about the manufactured sand, if preached in the right way, it can also be a good idea to rely upon.

Regular summits and meets are conducted for and by the trade bodies all over the world and the country on a regular level. No matter which sector we talk about, construction is one common point that affects all sectors. Be it a simple tech park that is being built or an industrial plant’s construction, if these people are made aware about using the mSand, a lot of difference can be created. This is one of those platforms that can be used to target the masses and spread the messages regarding the points that make mSand better than the regular sand.

Although the awareness is being spread and the popularity is growing but still there is reluctance towards the artificially manufactured sand. Using news columns, pamphlets and related media sources can take care of the thrust that needs to be there amongst those groups and companies that use construction-related components on a commercial platform. In addition to this, the print media and social network can be used to target the masses so that not only the ones involved in construction become aware but the general people also get an insight of these topics. Ideas are many, but with the right approach and small goals, the path can be easily travelled to popularize the mSand and thus help the nature stay protected to the maximum.


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