Our concrete sand is basically used for concreting purposes like Readymade Concrete (R.M.C.), Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C.), Concrete mix as well as masonry blockwork and bricklaying purpose as it adheres to IS Code 383 Zone-II and grain size is (0- 4.75mm) Tests were carried out to study compressive strength of Concrete and Mortar made with River and M-Sand. It was found that

  • Compressive strength of mortar with M-sand is higher than that of the mortar with river sand for mortar flow in the range of 85 – 100%.
  • Mortars with M-sand show better workability
  • Compressive strength of concrete with M-sand is higher when compared to the concrete with river sand.
  • Pull out bond test indicates marginally higher bond strength for M-sand concrete when compared with the bond strength of river sand concrete.


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