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In today’s world of globalization, almost every sector of every industry is affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. On one hand industries like pharmaceuticals, entertainment and other which are based on digital platform may flourish while on the contrary rest of the industries are going to suffer the most and construction is definitely on the wrong end of the spectrum.
Construction industry alongside M-Sand manufacturing companies that were already suffering in certain areas due to lack of capital, multiple frauds, and regulatory burden of Environmental laws along with Regulation and Development act 2016 of Real Estate is now going to face more problems.
To contain this Covid-19 pandemic and to break the chain of spreading the virus, Govt. of India has taken a bold step and announced a lockdown which has been extended quite a few times but at present, we have some relaxations in terms of people being allowed to work in Green zones but with certain restrictions like number of people working and especially transportation sector. However, this relaxation gives a ray of hope in expectations to start the work with full strength in near future but as we know in construction industry hordes of workmen toil together to make things happen and meet the timelines which are not happening right now and the construction industry is taking a hit alongside Cement and M-Sand industry.
Even if the lockdown is lifted and there is no restriction on anything then also the troubles will stretch for a longer period due to shortage of labour, reverse migration, supply chain, these factors will cumulatively act as a massive hindrance in meeting timelines for cement industry, Sand Manufacturing and as a whole on construction projects. And time the essence in infrastructure development the more time you more money it will cost you because there are certain expenses which are to be paid on a timely basis like huge equipment on rent, salaries, etc.

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