As a franchisor WHAT MAKES US THRIVING ?

Conventionally sand extracted from river beds was used as primary construction sand, Due to the increase in demand river beds were overexploited over the period. This led to Ecological Imbalances and consequently BAN on river sand making it ILLEGAL.

The ONLY solution to fill this gap is Manufactured Sand (M-Sand). StonaSand is produced by scientifically crushing inert igneous rock by using technologically advanced and sophisticated machinery. The sand produced by this process is free from any impurities, best suitable for all kinds of construction due to its shape & size, and consistent quality. 

As a franchisor WHAT WE BRING ON THE TABLE ?

Experienced & Skilled Team

A team of highly skilled and capable individuals at your disposal making the mining industry more organized and streamlined

Brand Value

A very well renowned and reputed sand manufacturing brand in the Southern part of the country.

Customized Setup

We suggest and optimize a crusher setup based on the targeted market and resources in hand.

End to End Solutions

From the acquisition of the quarry, setting up a crushing unit to selling the end product, we take care of everything.

A customized crushing unit will be installed after analyzing different influential aspects, a few of them are listed below

1. Source Rock

Different rocks show different properties based on which the optimization of crushed become very crucial to maximize the production while maintaining the quality of end product based on standards given by the Bureau of Indian Standards 

2. Availability of Water

Plays a huge role in deciding what sort of classifier to be used to improve the quality of M Sand to make it premium.

3. Consumer Market Research

A commercial analysis is done to understand the buyer persona to capture the targeted market of M Sand within a certain time frame.

4. Competitor Research

Competitor research helps to strategize the approach of capturing the overall market.