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The reason behind the high demand for Manufactured Sand is a restriction on the digging of natural sand from the river bend. Due to the increasing demand, the price of natural sand has been increased. For this reason, M sand (manufactured Sand) is in high-demand on the construction sites throughout the Bangalore. Whereas the M sand is less expensive, it is comparatively more vigorous and effective for construction purposes. The raw material and the process of manufacturing M Sand are top-notch that produce the material according to the site demand.

How M Sand is manufactured in Bangalore?

While producing M Sand, StonaSand predominantly focuses on the quality of the product. For this, preparation of M Sand use quality raw material and gone through the various procedures. The basic process of producing M Sand includes natural decomposition, extraction, sorting, washing, and crushes. At our plant, the M Sand is manufactured by crushing the hard and grey granite in small cubular pieces. This crushed granite rock is washed myriad times to remove organic material and unwanted substance and finer particles to produce a quality M Sand. Moreover, the size of the M Sand is also a matter of concern and which should be less than 4.75 mm. Notably, when M Sand is produced, it is crucial to select the quality raw material i.e. parent rock. High-quality raw material plays a vital role in producing quality M Sand. Properties of the raw material are determined by various petrological parameters that have an important influence on blasting and crushing the M Sand both. In order to reach a high-quality final result, each crushing stage needs to be optimized. It is, however, a challenging task to generate an optimum percentage of fine particles.

StonaSand has proved its efficiency in producing a cubical range of even particles. With the help of high technology equipment and the latest technology, combined with the proficient specialists make all this possible. In Bangalore, StonaSand is one of the best manufactures of M Sand. However, quality M Sand is not the only aim of our industry, we also take care of pollution while manufacturing m Sand. In addition, it is compulsory to define the produced material with material testing, quality control, and purpose in order to deliver a quality product to the construction sites. Being an M Sand producing industry, we believe that accurate classification of M Sand will assist the whole constructing sites with a quality material that helps to construct robust buildings.