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Since the Karnataka govt has put a ban on the mining of river sand due to its illegal excavation and scarcity which ultimately creates a huge ecological imbalance on land and as well as water.

Drawbacks of River Sand Mining

  1. Ecological Imbalance effects marine life.
  2. Lowering of ground water level effects agriculture in nearby areas.
  3. Illegal minig leads to zero revenue generation for the government.


Positive effects of Manufactured  Sand

  1. Manufactured Sand is made by crushing rocks, Rocks in an area which is usually good for almost nothing, like infrastructure, aggriculture, residential accomodation, commercial space etc. A piece of land which is barren and cannot be used for anything is used for making Manufactured sand. This is how we create something out of nothing.
  2. Generating employment by starting mining activities and setting up a stone crushing unit.
  3. Mining of rock and movement of material require a permit from the government for which a certain amount is to be paid to the government, i.e. gemnerating revenue for the government.


In conclusion it is very clear why government has put a ban on minig of river sand and is promoting Manufactured Sand. There are certain other reasons also why Manufactured sand is prefered, like  better workability, graadation of sand is homogenous, cost effectivenes, consistent shape and size. All these reasons will be discussed in out next blog