We are Best M Sand Manufacturers in Bangalore.

What we do

We are an international mining company with interests in Iron ore, Coal, Granite and Manganese. We bring over 100 years of experience to the table - which means that you can trust us as your partner for any size project!

Our Purpose

StonaSand is an innovative and progressive mining company, which strives to create a global network of natural resources through responsible partnerships. StonaSand's key agenda includes developing best practices for the extraction process in order to provide long-term value for all partners involved while maximizing returns from mines that are currently underutilized.

Our Values

The company strives to promote a culture of safety, efficiency and innovation. To do this, we value the importance integrity brings in business as well as our responsibility for sustainability.


StonaSand is the amalgamation of years worth of experience and knowledge that has come from over 25 years in entrepreneurship. The company's founder Ajay Kharbanda wanted to find a way for mines to be more efficient, process oriented while also being sustainable and responsible. He succeeded by creating StonaSand--the latest innovation in mining technology. The idea behind this ground-breaking invention was born when our visionary entrepreneur found himself wondering how he could improve efficiency at mines without impacting sustainability or responsibility. With his wealth of entrepreneurial business experience and 15+ years expertise within the industry, it wasn't long before an answer presented itself: start with something revolutionary like using M Sand instead or River Sand!

Founder- The Visionary

Ajay Kharbanda

Ajay Kharbanda, a mining entrepreneur with global experience and knowledge. Ajay is a professional and  his 25 years of journey as Entrepreneur has given him extensive first-hand knowledge in the business of Mining Natural Resources.
Ajay has a knack for navigating the intricacies of mining. His expertise, financial know-how, and entrepreneurial mind make him an invaluable resource to all those looking to start projects that will yield greenfield success with minimal risk involved.

Co-Founder- The Strategist

Rajeev Arora

Rajeev Arora is a serial entrepreneur, engineer and MBA. He has vast experience in the mines to multinational trading businesses world over. Rajeev manages business aspects at StonaSand that operates one of its kind commodity-based M sand mining company with an uncompromising approach on quality standards for customers across India as well as abroad.


Vivek Ranganathan

Mineral processing specialist with wide experience in comminution (crushing & milling), concentration & extraction techniques. Mr Vivek is a mining engineer (B.E) by qualification with a management degree in finance (MBA) and has over 14 years of experience in mineral processing and material handling projects like Gold, Iron, Bauxite, Coal, Limestone etc, Including process design, flowsheet development, detailed engineering and troubleshooting.

R G Nagraj

First Class Mine Manager Certificate (Metal unrestricted) holder with over 35 years of vast experience in Shaft sinking, Mine Development, Strategic Planning & Management, Business Development for Mining, Project Management, Client Servicing and People Management. Experience of developing SOPs, Mining standards for business excellence. Expert in Design and execution of High-Speed Shaft sinking and mine development and Commissioning.

M P Deshpande

Four decades of experience in the field of Geology. He has earlier worked in big mining companies including Bharat Gold Mines Ltd., KGF, MSPL, Sandur Manganese and Iron Ores Ltd etc.. Deshpande has vast International exposure and has carried out geological assignments in various countries covering U.S.S.R., Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Oman, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Expert in Ore-body modelling, Mine planning and Ore reserve estimations using DATAMINE

V N Vasudev

Earth Scientist, specialized in Mineral Exploration and Mineral Policy matters. Dr. Vasudev has a PhD in Economic Geology from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has over 50 years of experience in Gold and other mineral Exploration. He has to his credit about 40 Scientific Research papers published in national and International Journals on the Ancient Rocks of Karnataka & Greenland, over 100 Technical Reports on Metalliferous Mineral Deposits and National Mineral policy Issues. Dr Vasudev is our foremost expert on Geology and exploration.

Srinivasa Gupta SV

With Thirty plus years of Banking and Mining experience, He handles all Legal, Admin and day-to-day running of the company. He has been the backbone of the company for more than a decade after leaving 20 years long career with banks.

Azam Khan

Azam Khan

With an M Tech in Applied Geology and expertise in the area of Business Development and Quality Management, He has good technical knowledge of Mining and Crushing. He comes across a good troubleshooter for Quality Assurance. Young and dynamic with lots of raw energy to keep going on round the clock.