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There are three major types of sand available in the M-Sand market of Bangalore

1. River sand
2. Manufactured Sand
3. Filter sand.

River sand is the traditional option and has been used for centuries for construction is always the first one that comes to mind when we think about sand. But due to the ban on Rivers bed exploitation in several States, Karnataka being one of them affecting directly m-sand price in Bangalore.
This lead to the rise of alternates to River sand, which are M Sand & Filter Sand. These Products faced different challenges in the initial stage in terms of quality assurance and acceptability. Manufactured Sand is scientifically produced by crushing inert igneous rocks to a certain size to make it adhere to standards given by BIS, making it the most cost-effective replacement, which is also because of M-Sand price in Bangalore at present. While filter sand is sourced from river beds having a lot of impurities like clay and silt. Based on size variation these three sand types have different products for distinct uses. Different sand types come in different price ranges due to their quality and workability.
Filter sand is most variable in terms of price because of its wide range of quality due to the presence of Clay silt and other impurities in different proportions.

River sand is the costliest among others because mining it within the state is illegal and buying it from other states is a costly affair because of the high logistics charges. Rive Sand Price in Bangalore ranges from INR 2000 to INR-4000 in some cases may be more.
While on the other hand, M-Sand price in Bangalore is less in comparison to other alternatives. M-Sand price in Bangalore today ranges from INR 600 to INR 1200 depending upon the distance between the manufacturing unit and delivery location.
In some cases, logistics charges are higher than the ex-factory M-Sand price in Bangalore because of the delivery location is too far from the M-San Manufacturing plant

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