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During mining process mountains in the quarry are broken in to boulder size by drilling and blasting to make it size suitable based in the feeding size of primary jaw crusher. Then then boulders are transported to the stone crushing unit.


Crushing process comprises of 3 different stages each stage being crucial to make the end product suitable for construction


  • Jaw crusher

Also known primary crusher. The material coming from the mine is directly fed to jaw crusher which moves like a jaw and crushes the boulders into smaller pieces.


  • Cone Crusher

Cone crusher ha two cone like structures one inside the other outer one being fix and the inner one moves in a gyratory motion. The material coming from the JAW crusher with the help a conveyor belt is poured into the cone crusher which reduces the size of the material to standard sand size.


  • VSI

Vertical Shaft Impactor is the most advanced equipment used in the sand manufacturing industry to shape the M-Sand particles. Shaping the particle means to smoothen the edges of the sand particles coming from cone crusher and make it most suitable foe construction.

A lot of people consider washing and screening of the product as a stages. Washing removes the unwanted micro fine particles from the end product to make it adhere Indian Standards given by BIS.