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M sand in Bangalore

P Sand (Plastering M Sand)

P Sand (Plastering M Sand) which is used for wall plastering and brickwork purpose. Proper selection of P sand provides plastering strength to the construction structure. The proper and fine quality of sand material is a must when it comes to providing strength to any sort of building and construction structure. Plastering M Sand is produced from hard granite stone which is cubically in shape with round edges washed and graded with consistency. The plastering M Sand is used as a substitute for river sand which is used for preparing concrete, plastering and also other non-concrete constructions like flooring works, etc.

M Sand (Manufactured Sand)

M Sand (Manufactured Sand) is a substitute for river sand that is used for the production of concrete. Manufactured Sand is produced from the hard granite stone by crushing and that crushed sand must be in a certain size which should not less than 4.75 mm with the grounded edges, washed and properly graded. The demand for M Sand is high due to the depletion of river sand and fast-growing construction industries. M sand is the most effective and efficient substitute for river sand as it is the most robust sand.