We are a Mining and Mineral Domain specialist. We cover full value chain in Mining, Crushing and processing of minerals

Mine Discovery & Development

STONASAND, under its banner owns & operates several mines, currently in India and other parts of the world. With highly experienced team players in the field of alluvial, underground and opencast mining. We have expertise to evaluate any type of metallic / non-metallic or rare earth minerals.

• Mining site discovery and primary survey

• Techno-Socio-Economic Evaluation

• Legal and government documentation

Research & Development

Our Core Team consists of geologists, environmentalists, policymakers who evaluate Mines for economic feasibility. Post this, after assessing mineral deposits, we draw a Mining Plan to estimate the potential for exploration.

• Commercial and Legal due diligence

• 360-degree evaluation of greenfield projects

• Feasibility study, Deposits and Potential of the mine

• Mine plan and designing

Operation & Management

Running a mining business on a day to day basis can be a challenge for many mining entrepreneurs. Our Professional team is there to set up and run smooth Operations and Maintenance (O&M). So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we are there to set up your house in order.

• Technical training and hand holding

• Setting up SOP’s

• Optimum utilization of resources

• Rescue and Aid Mining Companies


As a Mining and Mineral Domain Specialist at StonaSand, we cover the full spectrum in the value chain of Mining. From helping you locate a mine or validate an existing Mine to setup an efficient and sustainable crushing unit, we do it all.

• Mining site discovery and primary survey

•Techno-Socio-Economic Evaluation & Due Diligence.

• Legal and government document