StonaSand is one of the leading M Sand Manufacturers in Bangalore and other parts of Southern India. With such expertise in the industry, We are specialized Concrete M Sand Suppliers in Bangalore providing conceiving full value chain in Mining, Crushing and processing of minerals.

Mine Discovery & Development

STONASAND is a mining company that owns and operates mines in India as well as other parts of the world. They have more than one hundred years’ worth of experience with all types of mineral deposits, including metallics, nonmetals or even rare earth minerals. STONASAND offers their expertise to evaluate any type for metallic/non-metal ore deposits so they can determine whether it’s commercially viable enough to mine on your behalf!

• Mining site discovery and primary survey

• Techno-Socio-Economic Evaluation

• Legal and government documentation

Research & Development

Our team of geologists, environmentalists and policy makers work together to make a decision on whether or not mining is the best option for economic development in an area. We do that by evaluating what exploration possibilities there are for minerals before drawing up plans!

• Commercial and Legal due diligence

• 360-degree evaluation of greenfield projects

• Feasibility study, Deposits and Potential of the mine

• Mine plan and designing

Operation & Management

Mining can be a difficult industry to run on your own, so turn it over to the professionals. Our team of experts will set up and manage Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for you so that all those day-to-day decisions are made for you by someone qualified in the mining industry.

• Technical training and hand holding

• Setting up SOP’s

• Optimum utilization of resources

• Rescue and Aid Mining Companies


If it’s minerals you’re looking for, StonaSand has got your back. We offer services and solutions to help you find the perfect fit, from identifying an ideal mining location to setting up a sustainable crushing unit with our expertise in mineralogy and geology.

• Mining site discovery and primary survey

•Techno-Socio-Economic Evaluation & Due Diligence.

• Legal and government document